Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Battling Weight Gain Blues Following Diwali

Diwali is one of my favorite festivals and it isn’t without a reason. The glitz, the lights, the crackers, the atmosphere, almost everything surrounding Diwali is magical in every sense of the word. However there is one other aspect of the festival of lights that really sets my palates drooling and can you guess what it is? SWEETS!! Yes, you heard me right – SWEETS!! 

Diwali is a time when every small scale or large scale company wishes their employees the season’s greetings by presenting them with a box of sweets. For me though it is double joy as my dad too brings home his box of sweets just like me. Couple this with the sweets presented by neighbors, relatives and friends and my fridge in no time starts overflowing with kaju katris, chocolates, ladoos, pedas, chivdas and a whole lot of other items. Additionally my friends and relatives too don't seem to spare me and every homely visit is envisaged with a gracious serving. All in all the festive week has seen me gain 4-5 pounds and the other day, my mom observed that my hips were getting too wide for comfort.

Well hopefully though, this hasn’t been the isolated spree when I gained weight and as a matter of fact, it happens every time to me following Diwali. Thankfully though, I have successfully been able to shed the Diwali weight gain within 2-3 weeks following the festival. How do I do it? Well, I share some of my secret tips to all you bereaved weight gainers.

1. Don’t give in to temptation – I am sure that many of you still have the Diwali sweets tucked up in your fridge which you are tempted to eat. But control your desires and don’t give in to cravings. Determination is vital for any kind of weight loss to happen.

2. Eat light meals – All the oily food and sweets have temporarily caused havoc with your body’s functioning and it is essential that it be brought back to equilibrium. So forgo of junk food and sweets and instead have light foods such as salads, soups, fruits, etc. Basically have foods which the body can easily digest.

3. Drink a lot of water – Water gives the body a sense of bloating which shrinks your appetite. Moreover it neutralizes the damage caused by the sweets and spicy foods which you had during Diwali.

4. Hit the gym – Well there could be no better way to battle to weight gain than to hit the gym. However if you are reluctant to flex your muscles in the gym, then try out the amazing yoga exercises by Baba Ramdev at home itself.

5. Get running – Run for half an hour early in the morning. It will help burn the excess fat that has built up in the body.

Try not to mull over the other approaches you could have taken to prevent weight gain. Instead try this regimen as I explained. If this really helped, do care to comment below. Your success may very well prove to be an inspiration to someone else who is battling the so called 'Diwali Weight Gain Blues'.

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