Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sonam Kapoor Before And After Weight Loss

Sonam Kapoor wasn’t always the sexy lass that we have come to associate with today. At one time, she weighed closed to 90 kg but preceding her debut movie ‘Saawariya’ made a stunning transformation losing almost 35 kg to bring her weight down to 55 kilos.

Check out some of Sonam Kapoor’s chubby pictures taken during her teens and now following her transition.
Sonam Kapoor Before Weight Loss

Sonam Kapoor Fat Pic 1
Sonam Kapoor Fat Pic 2

Sonam Kapoor Fat Pic 3
 And just check out, how she looks right now

Sonam Kapoor After Weight Loss
Sonam Kapoor After Weight Loss Pic 1

Sonam Kapoor After Weight Loss Pic 2

Sonam Kapoor After Weight Loss Pic3
Wish to know the story behind her weight loss regimen? Stay hooked, I will publish that story in my next post.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Battling Weight Gain Blues Following Diwali

Diwali is one of my favorite festivals and it isn’t without a reason. The glitz, the lights, the crackers, the atmosphere, almost everything surrounding Diwali is magical in every sense of the word. However there is one other aspect of the festival of lights that really sets my palates drooling and can you guess what it is? SWEETS!! Yes, you heard me right – SWEETS!! 

Diwali is a time when every small scale or large scale company wishes their employees the season’s greetings by presenting them with a box of sweets. For me though it is double joy as my dad too brings home his box of sweets just like me. Couple this with the sweets presented by neighbors, relatives and friends and my fridge in no time starts overflowing with kaju katris, chocolates, ladoos, pedas, chivdas and a whole lot of other items. Additionally my friends and relatives too don't seem to spare me and every homely visit is envisaged with a gracious serving. All in all the festive week has seen me gain 4-5 pounds and the other day, my mom observed that my hips were getting too wide for comfort.

Well hopefully though, this hasn’t been the isolated spree when I gained weight and as a matter of fact, it happens every time to me following Diwali. Thankfully though, I have successfully been able to shed the Diwali weight gain within 2-3 weeks following the festival. How do I do it? Well, I share some of my secret tips to all you bereaved weight gainers.

1. Don’t give in to temptation – I am sure that many of you still have the Diwali sweets tucked up in your fridge which you are tempted to eat. But control your desires and don’t give in to cravings. Determination is vital for any kind of weight loss to happen.

2. Eat light meals – All the oily food and sweets have temporarily caused havoc with your body’s functioning and it is essential that it be brought back to equilibrium. So forgo of junk food and sweets and instead have light foods such as salads, soups, fruits, etc. Basically have foods which the body can easily digest.

3. Drink a lot of water – Water gives the body a sense of bloating which shrinks your appetite. Moreover it neutralizes the damage caused by the sweets and spicy foods which you had during Diwali.

4. Hit the gym – Well there could be no better way to battle to weight gain than to hit the gym. However if you are reluctant to flex your muscles in the gym, then try out the amazing yoga exercises by Baba Ramdev at home itself.

5. Get running – Run for half an hour early in the morning. It will help burn the excess fat that has built up in the body.

Try not to mull over the other approaches you could have taken to prevent weight gain. Instead try this regimen as I explained. If this really helped, do care to comment below. Your success may very well prove to be an inspiration to someone else who is battling the so called 'Diwali Weight Gain Blues'.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ramdev Baba’s Amazing Yoga Videos For Weight Loss

Swami Ramdev popularly known as ‘Baba Ramdev’ is an Indian Hindu swami whose ability to use yoga to cure various ailments and sicknesses has won him huge popularity both in India as well as abroad. The yoga guru’s sessions apart from being attended by scores of people is also practiced by millions sitting at home (an exclusive channel known as ‘Aastha’ has been created for this purpose).

If you are trying to shed weight via exercises, then these exercises by the master himself are a must try. Please note – Some of these videos are explained in the native language and hence certain viewers may find it difficult understanding the audio portion of these clips. But thankfully exercise is something which you could understand even by watching, so go ahead and try out these out. They will surely help you to shed that excess baggage of weight.

10 Asanas By Baba Ramdev To Help You To Lose Weight

Some great asanas explained by the guru at great length. Each asana explained can rejuvenate you and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

7 Light Exercises For Reducing Fat – Ramdev Baba

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Weight Loss Product Biobind - A Hit Across The UK

"I have been taking Biobind for a month now and I have lost 9lbs!!! It may not sound like a lot in 1 month but that's what I love about Biobind. Weight loss is not rapid and therefore controllable. I'm not losing loads of weight fast, so I am able to incorporate it well with exercise and lose weight almost naturally." raves Louise Jenkins, a user of the new weight loss product Biobind.

On the other hand, this is what Gemma Weeks has to say about this natural weight loss product, “Biobind actually works! I can't believe it. Slimming supplements never seem to work and yet I have had nothing but results since I started using Biobind. I am so happy, feel better in myself, and weight loss has made me feel exercise is easier to undertake. I can feel my new life beginning and I can't wait."

Likewise there are countless others in the UK who have vouched for the effectiveness of the pill. Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Bissix herself has endorsed the pill saying that it helped her to drop down to dress sizes (For more information on this, click here). So what really is Biobind and what unique formulation does it contain that aids in weight loss?

Biobind has been solely developed by UK pharmacists and nutritionists and contains Slenmax which is basically a unique combination of three active ingredients Nopal, Psyllium Husk and Chitosan. Slenmax today is one of the leading ingredients used for slimming or toning down in the UK.

However the reason behind the success of this new weight loss product can be attributed to several factors.

1. It contains 100% natural ingredients and prevents fats from being absorbed in the body.
2. It suppresses appetite naturally and reduces your food cravings.
3. The usage of natural ingredients ensures that you don’t suffer from any kind of side effects.
4. It gives you the freedom to treat yourself every now and then without worrying about weight gain.

At present, this weight loss pill is available exclusively at Chemist Direct, UK’s leading online pharmacy.

Monday, 17 October 2011

‘Biobind Was The Perfect Pill For Me’ Says Actress Gemma Bissix

Gemma Bissix was left mortified after seeing the pictures clicked by her mother while she was busy sunbathing in her home garden. At 10 stone 4 pounds, Gemma was grossly out of shape, a stark contrast to her Hollyoak days when the sultry actress used to set pulses racing with her super-vampy and bitchy role of Clare Devins. Seeing the unflattering images made Gemma realize that she had to do something about it and that’s when she decided to work out and make changes to her lifestyle that would help her to lose the extra pounds.

This then is the picture of how Gemma looked like before and now following her transformation.

The model says that when she first started working out, she didn’t go on crash diets like many celebrities do, instead concentrating on losing weight the natural way. On this note, she says “I’d tried extreme diets while I was in Hollyoaks and lost weight in the short term. But I put it all back when I stopped.”

So this time around, she decided to change tactics and started going to the gym 2-3 times in a week. Her regimen included 30 minutes of running which were followed by sit-ups, weights and stretches. The busty blonde also decided to be in more control of her eating habits, giving up totally on junk food, instead opting for cereals during breakfast and eating plenty of fruits throughout the day.

She also started taking a new weight loss supplement Biobind. Says the actress,"I was dubious at first about using it because I don’t believe in diet pills. Some of my friends take diet pills and I really wasn’t keen on taking anything that could be bad for my body. But Biobind is a natural product which doesn’t absorb into your body, so I knew I wasn’t doing myself any harm."

“You take it just before a meal and it absorbs the fat you have just eaten. It was perfect for me as my lifestyle means that I am not able to a very strict diet every day and I might be too busy to go to the gym. After taking Biobind for a couple of months and staying on top of my diet, I soon slimmed down to size 8”       

Amazingly 7 months later, the star was weighing 9st 3lb and had dropped two dress sizes. She says that family and friends have been complimenting her new found look and says that she can fit into almost anything. Says the actress gushing, “I can wear almost anything and feel good. I don’t have rolls of fat on my tummy anymore – I can’t believe I used to have three.”

-         - Excerpts from an interview given to Laura Palmer.