Monday, 17 October 2011

‘Biobind Was The Perfect Pill For Me’ Says Actress Gemma Bissix

Gemma Bissix was left mortified after seeing the pictures clicked by her mother while she was busy sunbathing in her home garden. At 10 stone 4 pounds, Gemma was grossly out of shape, a stark contrast to her Hollyoak days when the sultry actress used to set pulses racing with her super-vampy and bitchy role of Clare Devins. Seeing the unflattering images made Gemma realize that she had to do something about it and that’s when she decided to work out and make changes to her lifestyle that would help her to lose the extra pounds.

This then is the picture of how Gemma looked like before and now following her transformation.

The model says that when she first started working out, she didn’t go on crash diets like many celebrities do, instead concentrating on losing weight the natural way. On this note, she says “I’d tried extreme diets while I was in Hollyoaks and lost weight in the short term. But I put it all back when I stopped.”

So this time around, she decided to change tactics and started going to the gym 2-3 times in a week. Her regimen included 30 minutes of running which were followed by sit-ups, weights and stretches. The busty blonde also decided to be in more control of her eating habits, giving up totally on junk food, instead opting for cereals during breakfast and eating plenty of fruits throughout the day.

She also started taking a new weight loss supplement Biobind. Says the actress,"I was dubious at first about using it because I don’t believe in diet pills. Some of my friends take diet pills and I really wasn’t keen on taking anything that could be bad for my body. But Biobind is a natural product which doesn’t absorb into your body, so I knew I wasn’t doing myself any harm."

“You take it just before a meal and it absorbs the fat you have just eaten. It was perfect for me as my lifestyle means that I am not able to a very strict diet every day and I might be too busy to go to the gym. After taking Biobind for a couple of months and staying on top of my diet, I soon slimmed down to size 8”       

Amazingly 7 months later, the star was weighing 9st 3lb and had dropped two dress sizes. She says that family and friends have been complimenting her new found look and says that she can fit into almost anything. Says the actress gushing, “I can wear almost anything and feel good. I don’t have rolls of fat on my tummy anymore – I can’t believe I used to have three.”

-         - Excerpts from an interview given to Laura Palmer.            

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