Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Weight Loss Product Biobind - A Hit Across The UK

"I have been taking Biobind for a month now and I have lost 9lbs!!! It may not sound like a lot in 1 month but that's what I love about Biobind. Weight loss is not rapid and therefore controllable. I'm not losing loads of weight fast, so I am able to incorporate it well with exercise and lose weight almost naturally." raves Louise Jenkins, a user of the new weight loss product Biobind.

On the other hand, this is what Gemma Weeks has to say about this natural weight loss product, “Biobind actually works! I can't believe it. Slimming supplements never seem to work and yet I have had nothing but results since I started using Biobind. I am so happy, feel better in myself, and weight loss has made me feel exercise is easier to undertake. I can feel my new life beginning and I can't wait."

Likewise there are countless others in the UK who have vouched for the effectiveness of the pill. Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Bissix herself has endorsed the pill saying that it helped her to drop down to dress sizes (For more information on this, click here). So what really is Biobind and what unique formulation does it contain that aids in weight loss?

Biobind has been solely developed by UK pharmacists and nutritionists and contains Slenmax which is basically a unique combination of three active ingredients Nopal, Psyllium Husk and Chitosan. Slenmax today is one of the leading ingredients used for slimming or toning down in the UK.

However the reason behind the success of this new weight loss product can be attributed to several factors.

1. It contains 100% natural ingredients and prevents fats from being absorbed in the body.
2. It suppresses appetite naturally and reduces your food cravings.
3. The usage of natural ingredients ensures that you don’t suffer from any kind of side effects.
4. It gives you the freedom to treat yourself every now and then without worrying about weight gain.

At present, this weight loss pill is available exclusively at Chemist Direct, UK’s leading online pharmacy.

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